About BeFluent

We are 3 friends who decided to connect cultures through languages. Russian is our logical first step, because that's our mother tongue. We want to empower each individual learning Russian to speak it confidently and with little mistakes. What platform we teach on may differ, but our focus will always stay the same. We focus on teaching our students to communicate well in Russian.

Our Goal

To create a platform where you could come and learn Russian from zero to fluency. The lessons that you will get will be easy to understand and easy to apply in practice.

Our Team

Fedor Shirin

The “founder” of BeFluent. The dream was born with his first humble steps to teach people Russian. He has a true passion for teaching that is shown in the lessons!

Alexey Bochkarev

Alexey's organizational skills and ability to see what students like pushed BeFluent far forward. His leadership helps our staff get the job done well.  Alexey is a very friendly, loyal, and kind person.

Alexander Kotlyarov

Alexander has brought new great content ideas to the world. His creative mind is responsible for many courses and videos BeFluent has. Alexander is also a musician, check our his channel Listen and Play.