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Alexey Bochkarev

The one who makes it happen

Fedor Shirin

The teacher


We have a dream- that we will be able to live in the world with no stereotypes and language barriers.

About Us

We are two best friends. We became friends in the middle school, and still are very close. You probably know Fedor from YouTube, but Alexey is that person behind the scenes, who makes it all a reality! There is no BeFluent without Alexey.

We started out teaching Russian and English on YouTube, but after half a year, it was clear that English wasn't making that much of an impact compared to Russian. From that point on we've been making videos non-stop.

We are here to serve. We need you to serve others too! BeFluent Class is a family. People come together here to help each other, to uplift and motivate each other. Yes, we have this crazy dream, but it is impossible to achieve without your help.


 July 25, 2015   -

January 24, 2016   -

December 4, 2016   -

May 5, 2017   -

May 28, 2017   -

September 21, 2017   -

September 29, 2017   -

November 26, 2017   -

December 1, 2017   -

June 1, 2018   -

TBD   -

The first video was uploaded

Creation of BeFluent

BeFluent got 1,000 subscribers

First Russian 101 book came out

Creation of BeFluent Instagram 

BeFluent t-shirts came out

Creation of BeFluent Community

BeFluent got 10,000 subscribers

Start of BeFluent Class

 Start of BeFluent Camp

Experiencing the world with no language barriers