BeFluent Camp

8-week program that will teach you to speak Russian on

the basic level!

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Focus on Communication

All the topics and tasks are focused on improving your communication. Everything else is secondary

Only Useful Russian

You will get only what you will truly need! You will only get the information that will help you speak Russian better.

Self-paced Program

You will rely on you and you only! Take it slow if you need more time, or go faster if you cannot wait to speak Russian!


8 Crucial Topics

You will learn 1 topic per week, which allows for deep understanding of the topic

Weekly Calls

Participate in weekly calls where you will learn the topic at hand, and you will get to your questions answered!

Learn from Feedback

We give you feedback on your homework every day, and you can know your mistakes and learn from them

Main Curriculum

For learners of all levels who want to improve their Russian

We will cover 1 topic per week. Every weekday you get a task to complete. Tasks can be focused on grammar, speaking, listening, etc. On the weekends we will have 2 calls talking about the topic at hand.

For students who want to make rapid progress

Premium Package Details

All premium students get our private attention:
 - Weekly coaching calls
 - Extensive feedback on homework

 - Access to all of BeFluent courses

 - Access to BeFluent Team 24/7 for any concerns you might have

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8 crucial topics

Daily tasks

Weekly live-calls

24/7 feedback

Preparation for speaking

BeFluent Camp Basic


Basic package benefits

Weekly coaching calls

Extensive feedback on homework

Access to all BeFluent courses

Access to BeFluent Team 24/7

BeFluent Camp Premium



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Frequently Asked Questions

- What time will the calls be?

We will have 2 calls: morning and evening call of ET time zone. The exact time

will be decided by a group vote. This way we can accommodate the vast majority.

- What if I miss a call or a task?

Every single task and video call will be recorded and posted on the website.

You will be able to access it any point of time!

- What if I don't like the program?

You have a chance to drop out for a full refund in the first 7 days, after which

your participation is non-refundable.

 - What level of Russian is required?

Learners of all levels will benefit from this program!