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Watch the video to the right to properly get ready for

the Camp. You will learn about the structure of the Camp,

what will be covered, and any other important information

needed for the Camp.

Getting Ready for the Camp:

1. Download Telegram App.

2. Join the chat -

This Telegram messenger group will be our main quick communication tool. We will make all major announcements there first, and then we will post it on the website. Also, it's the best place to ask for feedback and send your homework.

3. Create an account with us by pressing "log in" button in the top right corner.

Once you register, we will grant you access to all the necessary pages!

The Structure of the Camp:

1. We will have 8 topics to cover

2. Each topic starts on a Thursday of each week (July 2, July 9, July 16)

3. You get a task to complete each weekday, which you complete at your own pace, and we check your homework even if you're very late with it

4. We will have a live call on the weekends to cover the topic at hand

5. We start a week on Thursday to allow 2 days for you to get familiar with the topic on your own, so you can be prepared to ask questions during the call.