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20 Essential Russian Words to Kickstart Your Language Journey

20 Essential Russian Words to Kickstart Your Language Journey

Below will be 20 most crucial words for your journey in the Russian language. It will help you communicate in the best way with just a handful of words. You won't be able to make sentences with them, but all of them can be used by themselves too.

1. Привет (Privet) - Hello (informal)
2. Здравствуйте (Zdravstvuyte) - Hello (formal)

These two greetings would be all you need for you to say "hello" to strangers and friends.

3. Да (Da) - Yes
4. Нет (Net) - No

Simple expressions of "yes" and "no" that you can use regardless of the setting, whether it's formal or informal.

5. Спасибо (Spasibo) - Thank you
6. Пожалуйста (Pozhaluysta) - Please 7. Извините (Izvinite) - Excuse me/Sorry

It's always good to use these just to be polite.

8. Как дела? (Kak dela?) - How are you?

We ask literally "how are things" in Russian when wanting to know how a person is doing. Here are the possible answers:

9. Хорошо (Khorosho) - Good
10 .Плохо (Plokho) - Bad

Depending on how you feel, use one of these. But here's some question words:

11. Где? (Gde?) - Where?
12. Когда? (Kogda?) - When?
13. Почему? (Pochemu?) - Why?
14. Кто? (Kto?) - Who?
15. Что? (Chto?) - What?

You can these either as a one-word question or a part of a long question. To say "goodbye" we say:

16. До свидания (Do svidaniya) - Goodbye

Literally means "until next meeting". And in case you want to order something to drink at a cafe or restaurant:

17. Вода (Voda) - Water
18. Чай (Chay) - Tea
19. Кофе (Kofe) - Coffee
20. Молоко (Moloko) - Milk

That's the whole list! But if you want to keep going, BeFluent will be a great continuation of you learning journey. Click the picture below to be taken to BeFluent:


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