We've written and combined 50 stories in Russian:

  • 30 easy stories
  • 10 medium-difficulty stories
  • 10 hard stories


They are all on different topics and use different vocabulary. And each story has the following:

  • The story itself
  • An audio track of a person reading it
  • Comprehension question that will challenge your understanding of the text
  • English translation
  • A list of most useful phrases from the story


You can use this book to dramatically improve your vocabulary. You will be reading stories that Russian natives wrote, which means that you will be learning words that Russians use.


As a bonus, you're getting a listening exercise sheet. In the listening part of the book, certain words are missing and you have to fill them in. Of course, there will be an answer sheet at the end:)

This book will help you learn new vocabulary, as well as train your listening.


This is an eBook, which comes with the document for stories and a number of audio recordings.