BeFluent Class

Our new platform that will teach you how to speak Russian

like a native!

Unique Program

Learn Russian through a step-by-step process. Lessons will gradually get harder, just enough to stretch you!

Focus on Communication

Become a master of Russian speech. Learn to express your thoughts well in Russian, and to understand others well.

Only Useful Russian

You will get only what you will truly need! You will only get the information that will help you speak Russian better.


Huge Resource Library

Train a specific skill or learn a particular topic with our library of resources. Courses tackle each aspect of Russian.

Weekly Calls

Participate in weekly group calls with BeFluent team to get your questions answered and learn important Russian-related topics!

Learn Whenever You Prefer

All lessons and courses are stored for you to access it whenever you'd like! You can catch up on information you missed any time!


Main Curriculum

Main program of BeFluent Class is focused on getting to fluency Step-by-Step. You will learn important grammar topics, necessary vocabulary, and how to communicate better!

For learners of all levels who want to improve their Russian




On-demand courses that you get to access whenever and wherever

Rich Resource Library

Access a huge library of resources to learn Russian faster! Vocabulary books, breakdowns of real Russian, Russian curse words, conversational Russian phrases, and much more! We always expand our library, and you get to access it for free!

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BeFluent Class Premium

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Fluency program

Amazing library of resources

Daily Russian knowledge


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BeFluent Class Basic

$ 19.99/month

Fluency program

Amazing library of resources

Daily Russian knowledge

24/7 feedback


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