30-day Speaking Challenge

Significantly improve your communication
level with this 30-day intensive program!

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Focus on Communication

Get the tasks that will truly improve your communication! No useless material driling, only the useful stuff!

Only Useful Russian

You will get only what you will truly need! You will only get the information that will help you speak Russian better.

Self-paced Program

You will rely on you and you only! Take it slow if you need more time, or go faster if you cannot wait to speak Russian!


26 Tasks Total

You will receive a task every single day to work on your speaking and on your communication overall

Weekly Speaking Tasks

Every week you will be tasked to speak to a native Russian to break the fear of speaking

Stick to the Very End!

The Challenge for you is to complete all the tasks in 30 days! Get disciplined and you will see the results!

Challenge Structure

Each day you will be given a practical task to complete. It will focus on something different each time. We will take care of all the pillars of Russian besides Grammar. The goal is to get you to speak Russian freely.

For learners of all levels who want to speak Russian better

For students who want to make rapid progress

Premium Package Details

All premium students get our private attention:
 - Weekly private calls

 - Access to all of BeFluent courses

 - Access to BeFluent Team 24/7 for any concerns you might have


Questions? Ask Them Right Here!

Frequently Asked Questions

- What if I miss a task?

Every single task will be recorded and posted on the website.

You will be able to access it any point of time!

- What if I don't like the program?

You have a chance to drop out for a full refund in the first 5 days, after which

your participation is non-refundable.

 - What level of Russian is required?

Learners of all levels will benefit from this program!