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BeFluent is getting a new look

BeFluent will get a new look in a few days

Hey, dear BeFluent students! We're happy that you're learning Russian with our platform and we're forever grateful for your ongoing support and excitement. We tirelessly work on new content (btw Level 4 for Russian Step-by-step is coming soon too), on new exercises, new Russian content, and on making completely NEW features, which is what we're here to talk about today!

In the next few days we will update BeFluent! Here's what's coming!

New design

Here's what it will now look like

This is just the home page, the rest will also get a new look. Something more refreshing.

Vocabulary page

Here it is

New vocabulary page on BeFluent

You can see many things there, but here's what you can do:

  1. Add any Russian word to your vocabulary to learn that word (library of 80000+ words and phrases)

  2. Practice that word with a variety of exercises

    1. letter-by-letter spelling

    2. recognizing the word from an audio

    3. matching a picture to a word

    4. and more!

  3. Add whole sets of words to your vocab

  4. Learn all the details about a particular word

    1. case forms

    2. declensions

    3. translations

    4. sentence examples

More improvements to the vocabulary page coming! If you have ANY suggestions on any of the things that we're doing, let us know!

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